About Me

Who am I ??

Born 52 in Sweden and living in Trollhättan. Mostly working in Hotel and restaurangbusiness, also driving a buss now and then like god food and wines and whisky, having some lazy days, ride my GS 1200 and meeting other riders.

My planes is just to enjoy the life as much as possible and ride the bike around the world.

It all started with: YES I would like to ride 2 weeks on on the famous Route 66……
But the deeper I digged in to the planed trip I realized it wasn´t enough.

After 3 months of studying, talking and listing to other riders I said: No Route 66, I want to the Pan American Highway in my way and so I did, but the planed 50 000 km and 6 month became 75 000 km and total of one years riding.

While riding, the thoughts of ride around the world grove bigger and bigger. The meetings on the road, the friendship, the different cultures and the Freedom On 2 Wheels, it can not be describe, it has to be perceived

My fantastic BMW GS 1200 -11 has so far taking me 90000 km with no problems and now looking forward to the next 90 000 km.