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28 04, 2015

Back to Spain

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Dag 22- 24

After Essouira we kept following the coastline towards Tanger Med .
Passing Safi, El Jadida, put up our tents in Azemmour. Continued next morning.
We decided to pas by Casablanca and save the city to ”next time”.
Last night we spent in the pleasant town of Asilah.
Next morning we took the highway to Tanger Med , about one hours ride.
The custom and immigration were done in 10 minutes and then on the ferry back to Europe, arriving Algeciras just at noon
The afternoon we drove to Gibraltar for having a closer look at the famous town and having some indian food and getting a nice bottle of scotch

Gibraltar b 17Gibraltar b 15Gibraltar

IMG_4633Looking back At Marocco Going back

Gibraltar b 4Back to Spain

asilah 3

Waiting for a shave. Recommends










IMG_0362IMG_0365 IMG_0370 asilah 1 IMG_0409 IMG_0405 IMG_0403 IMG_0378 IMG_0384 IMG_0383 IMG_0395 IMG_0400 asilah 30

23 04, 2015

To Essaouira

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Dag 19-21

We left Tan Tan next morning to go to Plage Blanche, ca 50 km long beach, had picnic at the beach and left for Sidi Ifni. Found a really nice gravel road, short cut, that ended with a steep at Foum-Assaka, followed the coast to Sidi-Ifni.
Next day we continued north. Drove through Agadir, followed the coastline to the town of Essaouira. A town that´s on the list of Unesco. Very pleasant town with its medina and fortress, beach and fishingharbour
Stayed 3 nights

IMG_0298 IMG_0308 IMG_0338 IMG_0321 IMG_0312 IMG_0327 IMG_0317IMG_0332 IMG_0341 IMG_0345 IMG_0346IMG_4565IMG_0355  IMG_0358 IMG_4590 IMG_4580 IMG_4585 IMG_4587 IMG_4603 IMG_4602 IMG_4607 IMG_4571  IMG_0360

23 04, 2015

Getting Lost

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Fr Dag 18

Fr Itch we decided to go to Plage Blanch at the Atlantic Coast
When we came to Taghjicht we tried to find a miner rd but unfortunately we got separated
First we lost Sara and when Daniel and I decided to take difference rd:s we also lost our contact.
At the next town I asked the police at a checkpoint if they seen two riders, the answer was yes, 1/2 hour ago so I continued to the coast, but no one there. 15 min later Daniel turned up with out Sara
We road al the way back, asked at the next checkpoint if they seen Sara, yes they said, 3 hours ago, going the other direction.
This time we didn’t believe them so we told them in another voice that we needed there help and after a while things started to happen. One guy lend us his phone so we could get on the internet
found a message fr Sara, that told us she was 200 km south. The police phoned the place and confirmed that she was there. It was getting dark but we road down to Tan Tan and found Sara.
Happy ending.
At midnight after we checked in at a hotel .I went out, got something to eat, found a barbershop that was open and had a fantastic shave and face massage for 30 dhr /3 euro/IMG_0284 IMG_0191 IMG_0288

23 04, 2015

From Marrakesh to Itch

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Fr Marrakesh to Itch Day 14 – 17

After 3 nights we continue our trip south. Found some miner fantastic winding roads up in the mountains south of Marrakech up to Oukaimeden, from there over the famous, beautiful pass
Tiz-n-Test to Taroudant, even called the Little Marrakesh, checked in att Dar Tourika and slept in a tent, very relaxing and comfortable
Next day we continue south, through the Anti Atlas short day of riding, passing Ait- Baha then rd N105 to Tafraoute, nice little town. Stayed at Hotel Salama, very god. We asked at another hotel first and found out they where using 2 prices…..
Next morning we stopped at the Painted Stones just outside Tafaroute. Been painted by a belgian guy, Jean Veran 1984, with the help of local firemen, 18 tons of paints were used.
We followed N105 and the R107 and. Some part of the road were spectacular and took us through the oas of T and then to Tamessoult Itch and stopped at Borj Biramane, owned by two french guys.
The food was really god
Daniel and I decided to try to go down to West Sahara, so we left Sara at the Auberge.
We went to the next town and loaded the bikes with 20 extra l of gas, water and some food and of.
But when we came to Zag the Military police said NO. Dangeroues, mines……. After 1/2 hour we realized they were not going to let us through. We turned around and decided to take another way instead. It was getting late so we stopped for the day and put up our tents in the dessert.
Had our ”dinner” of, bread, sardins in tomato, and some soft cheese. and enjoyed the stars
Next morning we road further south, but the roads on the map didn´t exit, which we been told the day before but didn´t believe. We asked some locals and they said that were some tracks but we
couldn´t find them. And we also realized that we hadn´t enough with gas to keep on searching
Back to Sara and the Auberge

Möte i öknen. Från Polen

Skärmavbild 2015-04-22 kl. 20.30.25icht 16IMG_0032 IMG_0314 IMG_0020 IMG_0007 IMG_0046 IMG_0070 IMG_0050 IMG_0099 IMG_0113 IMG_0110 IMG_0132 IMG_0127 IMG_0137icht 31 IMG_0140  IMG_0152IMG_0159IMG_0164IMG_0184 IMG_0185   IMG_0075 IMG_0072  G0103974 dessert ADV 20 dessert ADV 10 dessert ADV 17 dessert ADV 23 IMG_0266 IMG_0241 IMG_0253IMG_0279

15 04, 2015

To Marrakesh

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Marrakesh Day 11-14

Leaving Ait- Benhaddou in the morning we found out we had checked in at wrong hotel.
According to the Gps we were at right place and were we stayed they told us that we had a booking and that the other hotel they never heard about it. When we left and had been driving 250 m we saw the place that we had booked……….
After the day before adventure in the riverbeds we decided to stay as much as possible on the pavement. Followed the winding rd up to Teloue´t , over the Tizi-n Tichka pass towards Marrakech.
No problems with the traffic in Marrakech and this time our gps took us to the correct hotel, Lawrence de Arabia.
Next day we walked around the town, with its wide and green boulevard, the parks, the Medina, the famous square Jemaa el-Fnaa and through the bazars, looking at people. Wonderful experience. Marrakesh is a hugh turist city with lots of hotels, modern in one way, but still not.
Evening we went to Palais Had Mahaou for dinner entertainment with Maroccian dans.

IMG_1417 IMG_1411 IMG_1415 IMG_1421 IMG_1435 IMG_1462 IMG_1475 IMG_1454 IMG_1480IMG_1446 IMG_1469 IMG_1478 IMG_1519 IMG_1492 IMG_1484 IMG_1525 IMG_1542IMG_1531 IMG_1546 IMG_1503 IMG_1494 IMG_4386 IMG_1489 IMG_1556 IMG_4416 marrakesh 99 marrakesh 13

15 04, 2015

From the dessert to George de Dade´s to Ait Benhaddou

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From Mezogua – Ait Benhaddou Day 7-10

After 2 nights we left, following the edge of the dessert to a smal lake that only exist during winter/spring, On our way we passed a the town Rissai and 10 km after the town,we stopped at Cascavel Portoguesa, an old portoguese fortress, road al the way up to the topp. Fantastic view.
We continued to our next overnight stop in N´Knob
Next morning, after about 40 km we left the main rd N12 and took a gravel road, about 50 km to Agdz. After 45 km we came to a river just to find out that it was impossible to cross
Turned back, found after a while a track that took us up the town. After that we followed the main rd up to Boulmane Dade´s.
Just about 800 m before the hotel Soliel Blue,on left side there is a great little barbershop.

After a nights rest we rode up and down the George the Dade´s, rest of the day just relaxed.
After a god nights sleep we decided to go to Gorges de Tadra, follow the 704 up to Tamfattouchte, take small rd across to 703. After about 15 km the smal rd it more or less disappeared,been washed away by river, and we had to spend 50 km and 5 hours in a river bed, driving through water, stones, loose gravel mm. Finally, when we had only 700 m left to the main rd, we got stucked in a mud hole. But half an hour later and with some help from local we were ok and continue up to main rd. That day/evening we didn´t arrive to our hotel in Ait-Benhaddou until 10
o´clock. It had been a long day

IMG_1000 IMG_0996 IMG_1031 IMG_1029 IMG_1065 IMG_1090 IMG_1016 IMG_1102 IMG_1115 IMG_1135 IMG_1128 IMG_1155IMG_1169 IMG_1217IMG_1208 IMG_1227

IMG_1278IMG_1305IMG_1286IMG_1356IMG_1335IMG_1371IMG_1387IMG_1393IMG_1350IMG_1406IMG_1271 IMG_1300  




14 04, 2015

Fr Fez to Merzouga-

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Fr Fes mot Merzuga och öknen Day 4-6

We left Fes towards Merzuga. Followed the road to Ifrane, famous for its Swiss inspired houses.
Up here the landscape was still covered with snow. We stopped to feed the wild monkey´s, and didsome slide riding in the snow. Walking up the hill, 50 cm snow, in full mc dress, just to get one ride down, was very exhausting. But we did it………. Just to find out that the snow was to soft/wet for having a smoth ride down
We drow through Foret de Cedras, Midelt, Gorges de Ziz to Ar- Rachidia, were stopped over night at Khasba Maria Louisa, highly recommended
After a nights rest we continue towards Goulminia, Erfoud and Merzuga were we checked in at Khasba Mohayout, god value for the money.
In the evening we walked in to the dune to se the fantastic sunset.
Next morning we decided to take a camel ride at 5.30 am, out in the desert to watch the sun going up. Nice and quiet.
In the afternoon Daniel and I tok the bikes and started riding the dunes, for me little more complicated to ride in the sand, but fun, got really stocked a couple of times, for Daniel no problems, almost made it to the topp.

IMG_0712 IMG_0730 IMG_0755 IMG_0760 IMG_0868 IMG_0795 IMG_0894 IMG_0825 IMG_0799 IMG_0837 IMG_0895 DSC01992 IMG_0909 DSC09440 IMG_0793 IMG_0807 IMG_0780 IMG_0970 DSC09473 DSC09474 IMG_0937 IMG_0919 IMG_0983DSC01957 IMG_0571 errachidia 14 IMG_0627 IMG_0659 IMG_0676 IMG_0690 DSC01847 IMG_0702


6 04, 2015

To Marocco, Chefchaouen and Fes

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After a short visit to Gibraltar, it was time next morning to catch the ferry over to Marocco.
Tickets were easy to obtain from the box-office opposite the ferry terminal
There are about 25 different sailings everyday
Calm and a sunny crossover, 1 1/2 h. We arrived at the new ferry terminal outside Tanger,no ”helpers” and no problems. After 20 min at the custom we were on the road.
First day we hade decided to make a short ride, only 110 km to Chefchaouen, famous for it´s Blue Medina,
On arrival our Gps could´t exactly locate our hotel. Finally after riding around we stopped at one of the gates to the Medina. A local guide told us we could, with no problem, drive through the Medina to our hotel.We learned one thing. Never ride through a Medina with big fully loaded bikes. It was more then thigh. Locals looking at you. Finally we made it through and found another place to stay at.
Next morning we took a smal rd up to the coast, followed the Maroccian coastline to Al Hoceima, and road al the way up to the wiewpoint. We knew there was a road somewhere up and after checking with the locals we found it behind some houses
After that we took the road to Ketama and Fes.
In Fes you will be met with al kind of ”helpers”. Since we had a hotel boked in advance we sad no to everyone, but some didn´t take no for an answer.

Next day we hired a privat guide to take us around the famous Medina, and I recommend to do that, It´s very easy to get lost.
When leaving 2 nights later, we discovered that someone had tried to go through our bikes. I was missing a smal bag with my rain suite. Be careful, even if the hotel says the parking is safe and guarded, empty and look up the bike.




Chefchaoens Medina with it narrow streets


Do not drive here


Wiewpoint Al Hochceima


Guidedtour, Fes medina


Entrence to Royal Palace, Don´t take any pictures


The local baker

IMG_0247 IMG_0283 IMG_0286IMG_0289 IMG_0293 IMG_0296 IMG_0330 IMG_0353 IMG_0350 IMG_0363  IMG_0426  IMG_0428 IMG_0383 IMG_0441 IMG_0463 IMG_0449 IMG_0455IMG_0520 IMG_0470 IMG_0487 IMG_0460  IMG_0543 IMG_0515 IMG_0561